Our students write weekly reflections about their experiences in the MEDscience program. The students do not receive a prompt but are simply asked to share their thoughts.
Here are some of their stories.

Working with MEDscience made me more confident on a level I thought I would never reach.
I have always been able to take leadership role, but that generally only pertained to situations in which I fully understood what was going on. MEDscience has shown me how to be confident and be a leader during an emergency situation even when I do not fully comprehend what is happening.
Working with my classmates in a stressful environment has made me a more effective team member, and I am better for it.
I first thought that if I work with a group, I might say something wrong and get laughed at, but that didn’t happen during my time here; it was the best experience I ever had.
MEDscience has taught me I must be confident in myself. It has also taught me to trust the people around me and take into account their opinions as well.
As someone who had not taken a science class before, I really had to rely on my critical thinking skills and the great analogies I learned at MEDscience. I really enjoyed how MEDscience forced me to think on my feet and analyze each situation with a fresh perspective, while not forgetting past information.